1333 or 1600 DDR3 RAM for my Asus x44h laptop?

Hi Folks,

I own an Asus x44h laptop
Laptop Specs

It has a Hynix 2Gb DDR3 Ram currently and I want to upgrade it to 4Gb (unfortunately, that's the maximum it supports, otherwise I wanted 8Gb). It has only one SO-DIMM RAM slot.

Now, I am confused whether a 1600Mhz RAM would work on my system or not. Following are my choices:

1333Mhz: G-Skill 1333

1600Mhz: G-Skill 1600

My Usage:
Sql server management studio, Visual Studio, Google Chrome with 8-10 tabs open, Basic Multimedia content.
I am using Windows 8.1 x64. Currently after a fresh boot, I am only left with 200Mb of free Memory.

Also, can I overclock this MOBO? Can someone post a link to the steps.

Thank You in advance. Appreciate your help.
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    You'd best stick with 1333 MHz as shown on Acer's spec sheet:
  2. Phillip Corcoran said:
    You'd best stick with 1333 MHz as shown on Acer's spec sheet:

    So I bought the 1333Mhz G-Skill mentioned above. Still my laptop shows 2Gb Ram instead of 4Gb.
    CPU-Z shows 2Gb as well. My OS is Win 8 64bit. Didnt had any setting in BIOS. Applied 4096 Max Memory in Advanced Boot option, still no result.
  3. I bought a 8gb module, with 1600, and it works flawless. I'm now looking forward to upgrade cpu to i5 or i7.
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