how much memory of 4gb ddr2 ram is used

I have 2gb ddr2 ram
My mobo-dg41rq supports only ddr2
If I upgrade it to 4 gb, will my pc use the entire 4gb??
Or I need to buy a ddr3 ram mobo.

I plan to install. hd7770 graphics card.
I have Intel dualcore e5400 2.77ghz
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  1. Your motherboard supports up to 8GB RAM so if you add second 2GB stick you'll have 4GB total, but you should buy same RAM stick to run it properly!
  2. Will my processor use the 4 gb completely or detect less than 4gb
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    The amount of memory your PC can use will be dependent on the operating system you are using. Windows 32 bit will only use 3.5GB while 64 bit can use a much higher amount based on the version of windows. Even if you add the additional memory to Windows will still consume most of the 4GB you'll have installed.
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