M5A97 EVO r2.0, 8GB G.Skill DDR3 PC3-12800 1600MHz, sapphire r9 270, AMD FX-6300. BSOD, Fresh build, Fresh Install please help

Hi guys! Thank you for taking the time to look at my problem.

I have just purchased brand new components and assembled them and had some massive issues including installing Windows 7 from a USB stick, eventually got it installed but I had to remove one of the ram sticks/move slots.

The PC would boot up Win7 fine with one stick of ram, I turned it off and installed the other stick, sometimes it would stay on for 1-3 minutes and then crash and just set itself in an endless reset cycle without ever booting windows. So I researched these problems further and I found this link and followed it/completed it.

The PC would then stay on for 10-15 minutes and I just let it sit to observe further and it then crashed with a BSOD I was able to catch a line from them the first was "MEMORY MATTER" or something similar. The other was "IRQL_NOT_LESSOR_EQUAL_" which was the same BSOD I was getting when installing Win7.

M5A97 EVO r2.0
8GB G.Skill DDR3 PC3-12800 1600MHz,
sapphire r9 270,
AMD FX-6300

I have installed/updated all drivers when the single stick was in and working, (Including bios etc).
Also I should mention I changed the voltage on the DRAM to 1.55v as I have read on several other similar threads to this one.

I spent the better have of a whole day research and attempting to fix these issues on my own and am really quite stumped.

If anybody could help at all it would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,
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  1. Sounds like your memory is bad. Run it through some tests... => Download the ISO (64 bit) and burn the disk. Boot to it, then make at least three passes testing the memory.
  2. I would make it at least 8 passes to be sure. If the test passes with no errors can you please upload the dump files to and I will take a look.
    IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL indicates that a kernel mode process or device driver attempted to access memory that it wasn't supposed to. If the memtest fails then it's probably a driver but from the sounds of your situation it sounds like a memory issue. Please post the results of the test.
  3. Thanks so far guys! Ive just gotten home and will run memtest now. Will post results ASAP.

    Moomoo Can you please explain where the dump folders are located? Also I have another PC when the same Mobo that has been working fine for 12 months or so, Can i remove ram from my working PC and try it in the new build?

    Thanks once again guys!
  4. What are you using as a boot drive?
  5. Sorry for the late reply! Been swamp with work at this stage.

    I left the Memtest run overnight done 20 odd "Passes" with zero errors/problems.

    As a boot drive? I installed windows 7 from a USB stick and ran memtest with the same stick. Other than that i got a brand new WD 1 TB hard disk.
  6. The dump files are located in C:/Windows/Minidumps

    You can remove the RAM from this computer and put it in a different one, however you can't use the PC without any RAM so I wouldn't recommend turning it one when there is no RAM as more problems can occur.
  7. The IRQ problem seems to suggest you have hardware incompatibilities with software .

    Make sure the WD hard drive is plugged in to SATA port 0
    Update the mb BIOS
    reinstall windows . Probably not the files you have on the USB stick . An original disk is ideal
  8. If you upload the dump files it will help us find the problem rather than guessing.
  9. I tried acessing the Dump folders and couldnt find any? I also serached .dmp folders and files and have had no luck at all, Windows seven exeplorer.exe keeps crashing now also only giving me 1-2 minutes to change/look for things before it crashs. Should I try another fresh install of windows?
  10. Also i should note that win7 now won't even make it past the loading screen without giving me another form of BSOD Ive yet seen, and windows in safe mode explorer.exe keeps crashing.
  11. Really disappointed with this build it was meant to be a present for my Girlfriend, I built a similar rig not long ago with the same MB and had not one issue :(

    I really Appreciate you all helping me out, knew I should have bought a pre-built one for her :/
  12. If the BSODs aren't creating dump files then you should enable driver verifier.
    Go into safe mode by F8 on boot.
    1. Start typing verifier.exe into the start menu, and open Verifier.
    2. Select "Create custom settings (for code developers)", and hit Next.
    3. Make sure Standard settings, Force pending I/O requests, and IRP Logging are selected, and hit Next.
    4. Select "Select driver names From a list", and hit Next.
    5. Click on "Provider" at the top to sort the list by manufacturer; select all drivers not provided by Microsoft Corporation, Macrovision or Unknown.
    6. Click finish and restart your PC.

    Before restarting make sure dump files are set. Go onto the start menu, right click my computer, select properties, the advanced system settings, then under startup and recovery choose small memory dump and untick automatically restart.
  13. Driver Verifier crashes your PC with a BSOD when it finds a bad driver. When it crashes, boot into safe mode and upload the dump files to a website like and I'll be able to find the driver responsible.
  14. PC won't even start in Safe Mode.

    Technical information "STOP: 0x00000050 (0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFF84 , 0x0000000000000001 , 0xFFFFF8000280FA53 , 0x0000000000000000)
  15. I took one stick of RAM out and was able to boot the PC normally (not in safe mode) and done all of those things. Do i now put both stick back in and then wait for a BSOD and upload?
  16. After doing what you said and installing both sticks of ram the PC won't start in safe mode at all, it gets to the Loading windows files and freezing while loading.

    When starting in normal mode it stays on for 10-15 seconds before the first time it showed a CCC.EXE error with a hole heap of numbers i couldn't write down in time, and the seconds time it was another error didn't catch it in time but now it's not BSOD'ing its just freezing with a whole heap of random lines across the screen turning grey kind of I guess? Doesn't even look like windows.

    I cannot boot in safe/normal with both sticks of ram in to check the Dump folders, with one stick it booted up and I was able to find four dump files one I couldnt upload as it had 0kb? others are here.,6u3vab9gelak6bc,bvbrkeg0ccpxaug

    Thank you so much once again.
  17. Best answer
    hmm, there's actually no useful information at all in the dump files. 2 of them seem corrupt. It looks like you've found your answer though. It sounds like faulty RAM.
    To turn off driver verifier go onto start.
    type verifier.exe
    then delete existing settings.
  18. Ok then, Ive tried both sticks one at a time in the PC and it boots regardless of what stick I have in the PC, only when both are in it causes problems? Could that still lead to faulty ram? I have another PC which i could borrow the ram out of too check if it is the RAM, should I do this? or could it ruin my current PC by using the RAM to test with? I ran memtest for 22 passes and it never gave me an error, If all this still indicates bad RAM what would your suggestion be? Which ram would be best for this build?

    Kind Regards,
  19. I tried using another G.skill ram stick 1033MHZ 8 gb. One single stick in the first blue slot and it booted up and ran stress test fine, no errors or problems at all. Places the 1600mhz 4gb x 2 in the pre existing PC and they caused it to crash also. So i guess problem solved! Ill go and buy a single 8gb 1033 mhz stick install it and leave it at that.

    I really do appreciate all the help you have given me.
    Have a fantastic day!
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