Asus GTX 770 DCU II OC 2GB VS EVGA GeForce GTX 770 SC ACX 2GB VS Sapphire Radeon R9 280X Toxic 3GB VS Asus R9280X TOP

Please HELP!

I need to decide which of the 3 to choose for my new build! I m interested for the best card out of these 3 in terms of

*More Graphics Power
*Less Noise
*Less Heat
*More Future Proof

Prices almost identical for these 3 from Amazon Uk! My mamaboard is ASUS Impact VI mini ITX and cpu i7 4770K WITH 16GB Ram. My monitor is 1080p
Not interested in SLI or Crossfire now or in the future!

Is there any comparison between these 3 online?


UPDATE: Toxic won t fit my 250D Case so its out... :( Please choose between the other 3
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  1. asus and evga good
  2. Asus gtx 770 is just brilliant all around
  3. EVGA 770 because EVga is better.
  4. Can you please justify your opinions so it can be easier for me to choose?

  5. The ASUS GTX 770 is better in my opinion because I personally LOVE ASUS's products.

    I'd get the R9 280X toxic though as I've heard good reviews of it.
  6. Hey,

    I was faced with the same dilemma recently and after checking every available review online I came to the conclusion that more expensive makes of the same GPU (like GTX 770 OC, Lightning, EX OC and what not) have at best 2-3 FPS gain at games.

    When you are playing at 80FPS you won't notice if it was 78FPS to be fair. So you know what I did - I found a great price on a GTX 770 and bought it - very satisfying results.
  7. Go for evga gtx 770 if u want performance and less heat generation than any of them.
    For future proof go for the asus r9 280x asus as it is 3gb which will be useful in future.
    And if u are going to play amd evolved games than go for the r9 280xonly as it will outperform evga in those games like crysis 3,battlefield 4,etc.but remember if u want the r9 280x than u would need atleast 650w psu while in case of gtx 770s a 500w psu would be enough.
    My personal choice will be the r9 280x as i play mostly amd evolved games as they have the best graphics and are mostly from ea.
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