Removing stand from Asus MX239H

Has anyone had experience removing stand from ASUS MX239H?

Screeen Shot of back of model

On a similar note anyone have experience mounting this on a wall or stand?
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  1. Why? There's no VESA, so you can't wall mount it easily.
  2. "Detaching the Base"

    Page 2.3 of the User Manual which is here:
  3. Thx for responding. @Phillip the base is attached to the stand and its the stand that i want to remove.. Yes there isn't an easy VESA mount holes, but I've seen other responses where people were able to design a work-around, but i haven't seen a work-around for this monitor in particular. There are some adapters that may work but the cheapest i seen around here are around ~$100.. I was hoping to find something cheaper.
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