can my pc run mac os x 10.5.5 ?

can i run mac os x 10.5.5 on intel pentium 4 specs are 1.50 ghz 700 mb ram geofrce gt 220 and 72 gb hardisk ? i know the pc sucks but it was in the backyard thought i could make it run again
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    You won't be able to just slap the disk in and install it, but you can attempt to Hackintosh it. Follow this guide to read up on how to Hackintosh your laptop.
  2. i have done it. Your hardware however would have to be much closer to current mac specs. Intel core 2 duo or quad
  3. or i could just make a mac os x hard drive from a pc and put it on my pt4 pc ????
  4. reedo could u explain what u mean by that ?
  5. macosxandwindows said:
    reedo could u explain what u mean by that ?

    You would have to have almost matching hardware with the Macbook devices that run OS X.
  6. biohazrd thx for the link but i have already checked that my pc is compatible for Mac Os X 10.5.5
  7. thanks bio once again . I get it so should i upgrade it ?
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