hi, please even help me out. i am in a fix with bitlocker partition.

i was trying to install windows 8 on my desktop with a bootable use.

in mid instillation the windows crashed and i had no windows. i had an windows xp cd so i installed windows xp3.

when i installed windows xp it shows me no partition of my hard drive and all the partitions and data is lost.

i had bit locker applied on one of the drives.

i used stellar software to recover my volumes/ partitions.

the thing is that stellar is not showing the bitlocker partition in the search list of the deleted volumes.

i have yet not tried to install windows 7 again on my comp and am using windows xp for nor as i dint want the drive to get corrupt or data overwritten on it.

pls tell me how can i find the bitlocked partition and then recover it. i have been able to recover the encription key for the bit locked drive with the help of the data recovered form other unlocked partitions with the use of stellar.
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  1. 1. Windows XP does not support BitLocker and therefore will not see a volume so encrypted.
    2. BitLocker is designed to prevent exactly what you are trying to do and is VERY good at it.

    I hope you had a good (tested) backup because it is going to be virtually impossible to recover a deleted, encrypted volume.
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    Install Windows 7 or 8 on a different hard drive. Plug in the drive with the BitLocker partition as a secondary drive. Use your key to decrypt it and get to the files.

    Encrypted partitions are very tricky, they are pretty much impossible to work with if there are any drive issues. Encryption will often totally mess up a drive if you try to encrypt a drive with errors on it even if the drive seems to work just fine. When I did a project that encrypted a bunch of older servers, we were losing like a third of the drives because encryption would start, fail, and drive info was gone.

    After a few did this I had to change the instructions they gave us which was "Copy data THEN encrypt drive" to "Disk check, Encrypt, copy data last".
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