CPU temp readings too low?

Hey guys

I checked my cpu temps on coretemp and speedfan, and they seem to low to be accurate readings, was wondering what input I can get from anyone else on the situation, is there a way to re-calibrate the cpu temp sensor?

GPU = 23C
Core 0-4 = 9-11C

CPU i7 4770k (stock)
MB Asus Sabertooth Z87
GPU EVGA GTX 780 SC ACX (stock)

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  1. Tried other programs than those? I usually use evga precision x and msi afterburner for gpu, and i dont really monitor cpu at all.

    If that is your idle temp, that is extremely good i would say. I would say i am just fine when im under 40 for idle.
    If that is your load temp, i would say something is wrong. That isnt normal. No matter how good cooling you have got.
  2. These temps are at idle and aircooled. I believe it is impossible to cool below ambient room temp (25C)., which raises my concern over this. I'll look into trying other programs when I get home in the evening, if anyone has any sugestions on what programs to use to monitor cpu temps I'd appreciate it!
  3. It sounds incredible to me too. I would add about 20c to these temps. Maybe 25 on cpu, and 15 on gpu.
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