Can't back up a Black Screen of Death hard drive

Hi all! Long time reader, First time poster, and in need of some assistance.

My Father in law has a Dell Vista Home Premium laptop which has been suffering from a "Black Screen on Death" that I can't get it out of using any of the repair options, has no restore points I can go back to, and won't boot into Safe mode so I can't roll back any updates.

My solution was to back up the disk (160Gb) and then reinstall the OS.

I've removed the disk, put it into a caddy and inserted into my laptop. Whilst I can see 2 partitions (RECOVERY and OS) I can only access the RECOVERY partition - the OS partition (the important one with the files on) is not accessible - access is denied.

Any suggestions on how to progress? Father in law just wants to get his photos off the disk - anything else is a bonus.
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  1. try to get acces as admid for the pictures on the drive .
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    You have to enable the hidden administrator account on your machine you are using to recover the data. Once botted into that account, slave the drive and make sure it shows in the computer management/disk management. If it doesn't show click rescan hardware. You should be able to then access the drive to move the data. If you cannot then there are other issues with the drive that may require more experience, knowledge, and tools than what you have.
  3. Nope, all worked perfectly! Cheers Billy!
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