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- Problem running an Ultra High Definition TV at native resolution parallel to a triple eyefinity setup -

I have a Radeon 7970 with eyefinity setup, 3 screens working well at (5760x1080). However, I encounter problems when adding my Samsung 4K (UHD) TV to the mix as an extra screen. The three eyefinity screens are one group, the TV is just extended desktop.

I can run the TV at the same resolution as the computer screens' native resolution (1920x1080), however, when I try to run the TV on its native resolution, (3840x2160) the eyefinity screens only show the frames of their containing open windows (all else blacked out, can't see any text or buttons or windows task bar) and the TV screen turns blue with thick vertical lines running through it. (If I move the mouse over it, the pointer leaves a blue trail towards the left of the screen going all the way to the edge.)

The weird thing is, before I plugged in all four screens, I tested the TV screen in stead of one of the PC monitors and during that time everything ran fine. The monitors displayed everything normal, the TV ran on full res, no problem.

One monitor is connected through passive DVI connection.
The second and third monitor are connected via active adapter on MiniDP.
The TV is connected via HDMI.

The only difference to the test setup where everything worked is that now one extra screen is running on active MiniDP.

Other problems that I also encounter now that all four are plugged in: When windows is restarted Aero works (Win 7), however, after I get the blue screen problem, Aero crashes.

I don't know what the problem is. Can it have to do with what display is set as the main display?

Any help is appreciated!
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  1. I'm pretty sure your desktop has to be at the same resolution as your other monitors.
  2. Well, I got it to work. I am not 100% sure what the problem was but now I'm running 3 screens in eyefintiy, plus my TV in full resolution at the side in extended desktop mode. I am investigating what the problem was and it might be that the HDMI cable I was using was a passive 10m cable. I might need a 10m active cable for that length. In this test scenario that I'm running right now I'm using a 2m cable (passive).
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    Problem SOLVED. I am now running three (1920x1080) screens at a resolution of (5760x1080) in eyefinity mode and the TV as extended desktop in its native resolution (3840x2160). The cable was the problem, at a length of 10m it needed to be an active cable.

    Graphics card: Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 3GB GDDR5
    3 Monitors: Samsung SyncMaster 9SA350
    TV: Samsung UE55F9005

    I didn't actually do any magic, used the Eyefinity settings in Catalyst Control Center as they are intended, adjusted the resolution in windows Screen resolution menu if needed and that was it. The real problem was that I just needed the right hardware it seems.
    The two monitors that run from the Mini Display Ports run on active connectors. The TV on HDMI with an active 10m cable. The last monitor runs on passive DVI.

    I hope this helps someone and thanks for the suggestions guys!
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