Can Windows 7 Pro OEM key be used on different pc if not in use?

Hey guys,

So I know the title is a little confusing so let me explain...

I plan to start a miny pc build and repair gig and find the OS would be a major expense (obviously).


I have a friend who works for a very large corporation. They're pcs come stock with Win 7 pro (OEM) but they then rebuild them with enterprise I'm assuming using an mdt boot disk or something to duplicate each user's profile.

My question toyou guys is if I can get my hands on those keys that are for the OEM Windows 7 pcs, since they aren't in use could technically be used on a different pc without any trouble right? I've tried this on one pc and it's still up and running fine but I'm curious from everyones experience what the cons might be.

Thanks in advance!
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    if it is OEM, it only license of that pc. can't be transfer.
  2. What you are talking about is also illegal. Those licenses are setup to those PC's and that company purchased the OS with those PC's. Selling them to another person would clearly violate the EULA.
  3. Hi

    Apart from being illegal according to Microsoft
    Whether it would work would depend on if oem disk is system builder and not yet activated

    If Manufactures oem such as Dell, Toshiba ,HP already pre activated and external key label (coa) less liable to work

    A second hand retail Win 7 DVD with key (coa sticker on box) where some one has upgraded to win 8 may be worth buying

    Mike Barnes
  4. Mbarnes I'm not sure of the origin of the disk... It's not an OEM or retail disk just a DVD with the image so Idk if that's what's making the difference?
  5. It not about the disk. It the license key, you don't have one.
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