Sudden fps drops at Graphic intensive moments.

Hey guys,
I'm really in a bind here and hoping you could please help me out. I own a i5-2500 nvidia gtx 560 750W CM PSU among other things in my rig. I own this config for almost 2.5 years. Until last week it had never given me any problems. But suddenly since last week while playing league of legends, my PC shot upto 100% usage. Then one by one every application made the pc stutter especially any game and chrome. Core temp showed all four of my cores at 100%. I asked a friend what happened, he said its probably a virus and i had to reinstall windows. So i did format my c drive and reinstall windows. Now everything works fine, however all the games still stutter. FPS drops at every graphic intensive moment,such as a teamfight in League Of Legends or using any graphic intesnive abilty. I played alan wake. The menu and videos were all smooth, but when he came into the light in the game fps dropped to 5-10. I have played this game before on the same pc without and problems smooth as butter. I cannot get my head around what the problem is. I cleaned my pc, and the temperatures are pretty normal. Please if anyone can help me out i'd really appreciate it. Im really in some trouble.
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  1. Try lowering some graphical settings, particularly AA and draw distance. When you reloaded everything, very likely you did not maintain the same settings.
    Did you load the latest GeForce drivers for your card, or are you still using whatever Windows autodetected?
  2. But i had played with these exact same settings around a year back without any problems. That is why its so weird.

    And yes i installed the latest drivers.
  3. Hmmm, you're sure the settings are exact? Strange. What happens if you lower them though; any change?
  4. I did lower them to lowest settings (Alan Wake) still stutters during fighting / when there are enemies on the screen. I remember i had played the game at high settings a year back.
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    Hmmm, that sounds like CPU lag, which you should not be seeing. How are your temps, including motherboard sensors? Is anything overclocked? Is your hard drive light on continuously when this happens?
  6. Temps are slightly higher than before (not gpu. processor temperatures) Mother board sensors are completely fine. Nothing is overclocked, however there is a huge amount of processing being done during these stutter times.
    Here is a graph from core temp
  7. See if you can use Task Manager to identify what is running that perhaps should not be. This could be a driver-related problem.
  8. Hey onus thanks for your feedback back then. The temperatures that were being shown were wrong for some reason,i installed speccy and its clearly a case of thermal throttling, however i'm still confused as to what exactly went bust, as this config has not been touched in over 2 years and suddenly this thermal throttling starts (p.s temperatures of mobo and cpu = 98 degrees). Is the mobo causing this? or is the chip defective? Or is it the fault of the heatsink (note :its a stock cooler). Any feedback would be appreciated.
  9. Remove the cooler, and clean off the existing paste before applying some fresh paste. Any difference?
  10. None. Still shooting to 97/98 during intensive gaming points (fighting an enemy and all) and sometimes in chrome. Minimizing the game and then maximizing is stopping the throttling for a brief 4-5 seconds.
  11. Well, if it is still thermal throttling, then I'd say you need a better cooler. But first, see if there are settings in your BIOS to force more aggressive cooling (i.e. higher fan speeds); that may help.
    If not, get a 120mm tower cooler. All of them offer similar performance, so lately I've been recommending one from NZXT on price.
  12. Ok. Changing any voltage and current config in the bios is making my pc unable to boot. RPMs are giving standard speeds. Ive opened up my cabinet and put it infront of a table fan as well to no avail. :p . But i think the mobo is having some problems,pc only booted up once i pressed the restore default hardware button. Ive given my mobo to the service centre and also ordered a new CM Heatsink. NZXT has lots of warranty issues over here. I'll keep you updated when the mobo returns from servicing in 4-5 days.
  13. Hmmm, the fan not working is a good test. Hopefully they will be able to fix it for you.
  14. Motherboard came back from service centre and everything is back to normal now. I should be getting the CM TX3 Evo tommorow. But since temperatures are okayish with the last heatsink,it definetely was a mobo problem. Thanks Onus for all your help when i couldnt get my head around anything. Time to go back to league :P :D :)
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