Getting lag spikes when online gaming, need help!!!(Router or modem problem?)

Every so often when me and my brother game in our household, our latency will start jumping into the 100-200 range and gaming is unplayable.

I have Comcast blast 50 which should allow up to 50mb but when I speed test I'm stuck around 20-22mbs. Comcast claims it's probably the modem or router. I just wanted to see what you good guys at toms could offer me in terms of suggestions to fix, or if you agree with comcast and I need to upgrade.

My modem was just purchased because we were tired of paying 7$ a month to rent theirs.

Modem: Motorola SURFboard eXtreme cable modem

Router: Linksys E4200

I've had the router for awhile, the firmware is up to date, but it's kind of old.

If you suggest a router, I am partial to Linksys as I really like their stuff, but other than that I have been eyeing the Netgear Nighthawk. So if you know anything about that as well whether it's a good piece of hardware or not I'd love to hear it.

I'm just tired of lagging at random times when online gaming! Hasn't always been like this but recently just started up! >.<
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  1. Bump, please help!
  2. Try connecting your computer directly to the modem and test the speed. Also, are you connecting to the router through wireless or Ethernet? Wireless is not recommend for gaming.
  3. I'm connecting through wireless, I've been online gaming for years and i've never had a problem gaming on wireless until now.

    But I just connected through an ethernet cable and my speedtest came out to 60mbs

    Can I assume my router is the issue? I recently upgraded the internet & got a new modem but my router is still an older one.
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    It can be anything. One common issue is the latency. Wireless internet works by bouncing the signal from wall to wall to reach its destination, which is why there is a latency for using wireless connection. If your computer is far, then the signal will be bad.

    Another common problem is interference. If multiple neighbors use the same wireless technology, the signal could interfere with each other.

    Even if you upgrade your router to wireless N or AC, it will not help with gaming since there will always be lag when playing for games. One technology I tell other people to look at is powerline network. It uses your wall outlet to send the internet connection through the wall to your other computer. If you don't want 100ft of wire going across, it is the next solution over wireless. I have this one (

    As long your router, computer, and your brother computer is on the same circuit box/circuit panel, powerline network should work.

    I have 50mbps plan and this adapter is giving me constant 44mbps speed
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