1TB WD black or 2/3TB WD red?

so heres my dilema, my 700GB seagate drive is almost full, and games are only getting bigger. this is what im thinking, i get a 1TB WD black for games and everything else, use the 700GB seagate as a media storage device and use my Intel 530 as a boot drive. or should i get a WD red 2 or 3 TB and use it for all my games and stuff? im going to use the seagate for media either way.
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    I'd choose the Black. It's faster, and has a longer warranty.
  2. There is nothing really that can be said about that. It's just a question of how much space you think you'll need.
    Personally I think 1TB would be more than enough, but that's just me.
    Also, if you're using Steam, you could just uninstall some games that you don't play and when you decide to play them again just re-install them. It really doesn't take that long to install them IMO.

    Oh and as Onus said, the Black is faster.
    it goes like this I think: Green<Red<Blue<Black
  3. so long as the drive is 7200 rpm you really arent going to see a difference

    this explains it pretty clear
  4. For speed? SSD >>> Black > Blue > Red > Green.
  5. Onus said:
    For speed? SSD >>> Black > Blue > Red > Green.

    Yeah, I had my ">"'s the wrong way around by mistake :)
    and I wasn't sure about the red one, because I haven't really seen as much of them as the other colors.
    Now I know. Thanks
  6. Onus said:
    I'd choose the Black. It's faster, and has a longer warranty.

    just checked NCIX and i can get a 2TB black for about 160 so im just going to do that, thanks for showing me which one is faster than the others and where they stand to each other!
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