clean install on ssd, can i run parallel but not concurrent on old hdd until ready for complete switch?

New ssd old hdd. Win7. Want to run one drive at a time until I feel safe on new ssd. Have a ton of freebie programs (and many purchased) which I may or not install on ssd. About 200gb on old C:\ drive, probably 150or so after complete switch. I don't want to clone all the crap and good stuff too but hard to tell which is which.
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  1. The applications that exist on your previous drive will not work correctly with the new install on the new SSD.

    OK...some few of them might, but most won't. They need to be reinstalled with the new OS.
    Pick which ones you want to continue to use, and install with the OS on the SSD.
  2. anonymous1 said:
    I would disconnect the old drive... install the new SSD and install win 7... reconnect the old drive and use your BIOS to select whitch drive is the boot drive. I would not be using too many free programs.
  3. Basically that was my plan, reinstalling programs as needed but keeping the old drive until I'm secure (belt and suspenders.) Not too sure on the bios stuff and if Microsoft was agreeable.
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