Every time I load a game my computer reboots, !!PLEASE HELP!!

I am a newbie to building pc's and recently (3/18/14) I built my own gaming rig. Though It seems I put it together just fine 5-15 mins in a game my computer reboots (or crashes, idk). I think it might have something to do with the psu but truly i just don't know at this point

All help is appreciated. Thank you

here are my specs;

sapphire dual-x r9 270
ASUS M5a97 r2.0
550 watt psu
4gb ddr3 ram
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    try this first

    dl and install
    power down
    power up into safe mode
    uninstall graphic drivers new and old and ccc using tool
    power down
    power up into windows
    go to amd's site to dl drivers
  2. @Bad_Kitty13 trying it now
  3. when i tried the link it just downloaded some registry cleaner
  4. you probably clicked on the advertisement download

    you have to go down the page to right above the coments you will see this

    Download version 9.6 [ 28948 downloads | Report broken link ]
    Download version 9.6.1 [ 3638 downloads | Report broken link ]
    Download version 9.7.1 [ 14743 downloads | Report broken link ]
    Download version 9.9.2 [ 20311 downloads | Report broken link ]
    Download version 10.2.0 [ 14286 downloads | Report broken link ]
    Download version 12.0 [ 19668 downloads | Report broken link ]
    Download version 12.2 [ 21613 downloads | Report broken link ]
    Download version 12.4 [ 28758 downloads | Report broken link ]

    dl version 12.4
  5. at amd's website do I download ccc, and the latest beta driver. (Thank you for having patience by the way)
  6. no problem :)
    just download the newest driver available first(ccc should install with the drivers)
    if it doesnt include the ccc i can give you a link on amds site on where to dl it
  7. To verify, did you attach the Power Supply cables to the R9-270 graphics card?

    You should also run MEMTEST

    (change the BIOS' Boot Order so the DVD/USB device is first)
  8. @photonboy yes
  9. @Bad_Kitty13 Im downloading it now, it crashed when i tried the first time
  10. if it still crashes the next step would be a clean install of the os. if it crashed when it was installing the drivers it sounds like there is some sort of confliction there.
  11. how would i do that
  12. you would use your win cd that you used to install on the build unless this is a factory pc
  13. when i started the download for the drivers it said
    "Failed to detect system configuration"
  14. not factory, homebuilt
  15. ok, it is installing the drivers
  16. also are you running bios version 1006 or later?
  17. how do i tell???
  18. heres the steps to tell

    and did the drivers fix it?
  19. 2103? i think
  20. you should be fine with that. did the drivers fix your problem?
  21. is this good?
  22. your bios is the second newest version, if the drivers fixed your problem then you shouldnt worry about updating it
  23. awesome, thank you so much!!
    im going to run heaven now. if i have any problems could i message you??
  24. yea thats fine
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