GTX 770 motherboard compatibility and Power supply

Hello there folks i wanted to ask 2 questions
First one if i would buy the asus geforce GTX 770 would it be compatible with my Motherboard ? asus(P8H61-M PLUS2)
And second question would be a 530 W Supply (from be quiet!) enough ?

thanks beforehand :)
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    1. Yes
    2. Definite Posibility. GTX 770 typically requires 42A on 12vRail and 600w psu as a generic rule. The BeQuiet PurePower L8 530w psu is an excellent psu and has 48A on 2x12v rails, 530w continuous power, 580w peak. Normally a 530w psu would be not enough, but the BeQuiet is such a good psu, that it rates as borderline maybe now, in my opinion, since under normal circumstances a very good 550w is enough to run a GTX 770.

    It either will work, or it won't, close call.
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