Intel i5 4670 or 4570S for mini ITX build

Like the topic states, I am making a mini ITX build in the Cooler Master Elite 130 case. I plan on using stock coolers, so would it be better to get the 4570S that produces less heat, or go with the more powerful 4670 (non overclock version)?
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  1. Listen to this, then decide:

    Also, the "S" CPU I believe is for laptops...
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    Go for the 4670. More powerful and isn't that much more.

    @space55 the S basically is a lower power version of the CPU which in turn generates less heat. That's putting it simply. I always steer people away from these if they want performance.
  3. Agreed.
    I'd go for the 4670K, but of course, I render while recording while uploading...
  4. Thanks for the answers! I think I'll go with the 4670 while it's $205 right now, since I don't plan on overclocking the system.
  5. @space55 Well if you're not OCing then the 4670 is just fine, but for what you do (and I used to) the 4670K oc'd can help a bit.

    @ishumbisho That is a GREAT price for the 4670! Snatch that up while you can.

    Thanks for remembering to hit the "Best Answer" button :)
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