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So I am looking to build a new computer from the ground up. I've been look to get an intel 4770k CPU as well as a nvdia GTX 780 ti graphics card, how do those sound in terms of running the game smoothly? Also any advice on what kind of hard drive, motherboard, and ram?
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  1. A 4770k is overkill for gaming in most situations, you can save a bit of money and get a 4670k. As for RAM, you want 8GB, speed doesn't matter, but 1866 wouldn't hurt, but don't spend $20 for it. For harddrives, you probably want a 1tb, which you can find for about $50, brand doesn't matter. You can also get an SSD, something like a Samsung 840 Pro, 126gb is enough for your OS and a few games, but 250gb ones are a bit faster, and of course have more space. For your motherboard, it depends on what you'll be doing. If you're overclocking you want a Z87, if not, it doesn't matter much and you should just get a quality one that has plenty of USB ports and good build quality. Also, when overclocking, you definitely want an aftermarket cooler, the type you get depends on your case.
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