Hd5850 still good?

Trying to build a new gaming PC for girlfriend but using my old GPU. Is the sapphire HD 5850 gonna work with newer components?
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  1. As long as the combined voltage is lower than PSU, the PCI slot fits, then it's all right.

    But then, there isn't much new games that'll run on the 5850.
  2. It depends on what she will want to use the graphic card for. As a gaming card, it is a bit dated. About the equivalent of today's GTX 650TI or HD 7790.
    Still good at 1080p with reduced settings for gaming.
  3. That mostly depends on how good is good enough for you/her.

    I have a HD5770 and that is still good enough for me at 1200p most of the time.
  4. Mostly lol, diablo 3. No Bf4 or far cry
  5. It would perform nicely on those titles.
  6. Mitch Tai said:
    Mostly lol, diablo 3. No Bf4 or far cry

    My HD5770 does a steady 60fps in D3 at 1200p with graphics maxed out so you should have no problem there.
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