What do I do to fix this Windows 7 OEM problem?

I've purchased windows 8 and fixed the problem.
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  1. if in control panel under system it says genuine windows then don't worry about it and your windows is activated. why spend money when it is not needed.
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    technically speaking, OEM is licensed to mfg x's model/serial. when you change out the mobo, hd/ssd, processor you are using a homebuild system with parts from mfg x's system.

    If under control panel (as bgunner said) then system, at the bottom it says your windows is activated and genuine then you should have no issues and will more than likely never be on their radar since it gave no flags to them in the first place.

    At this point it is just how you feel about it. You bought a system from mfg x that came with windows you did not buy windows, that would be a RTM license. So, end the end it is up to you.....if it works and you are ok with it then fine, if it bothers you get a RTM license....choice is yours.
  3. HyNrgy, I'm sorry but what do you mean by mfg x? I had this computer built for me buy a local computer guy about two years ago and just recently started upgrading. Since them I have completely upgraded every part except the hard drive. Today was the motherboard, CPU and ssd.
  4. Ok, that should be GREAT NEWS.

    what i meant by mfg x's system as if it were a dell, hp, toshiba, etc....but yours was custom built from local store, right?

    If so, most stores i know that are private stores use RTM (retail) versions of windows (not big enough for mass licenses) and just put the cost of the windows prg in the price to build.

    With that in mind you can do what you want with YOUR license. It is yours until microsoft kills that version and no longer supports it, then a fresh install would get NO updates.

    You have peace of mind from what I understand...good to go (as long as only installed on one computer...LOL)
  5. to clarify there are two versions of windows

    OEM = original equipment manufacturer.....meaning if on a dell system it is licensed on that system
    RTM = retail version.....meaning you bought it, you get to use it on any system you want as long as only one system unless you paid for a multi license or bought extra (say you bought 3 to use on 3 computers)
  6. It was custom built, however it IS OEM... :/
  7. hmmm...ok, the fact remains...still up to you then
  8. I'm thinking of buying Windows 8.1 Full version and installing that. Will that be a solution to my problem?
  9. in my humble opinion it doesn't sound like you have a problem now. it was custom built, it is still custom built and that is why the license probably worked it is not tied to a specific least that is how it sounds. if it makes you feel better, sure. or you could wait and see if microsoft ups their release date of windows 9 to this fall. you can google that....wasn't expected until next spring but because of win8 backlash they may up the release date
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