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8GB vs 16GB RAM for gaming...wwjd?

8 gigs or 16 gigs RAM for a gaming rig? And why?
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  1. 8 gigs, games don't even utilize the full 8GB, most of the time only 6GB. 16GB would be preferred for Video Editing which requires more RAM.
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    8gb for sure. for gaming at 1080p we are a long way off being able to use 16gb RAM and even WAY further from actually seeing it make a difference.

    the most you'll ever see in current AAA games. you might be thinking "well the Beta's using 9GB+ of memory".

    it's a game in Beta; they're usually not fully optimized. so if you're planning to play a whole lotta games still in Beta, maybe, just maybe that 16GB may be worth it. but you really should be waiting for the final product for a better experience. and it sure saves you a decent bit of cash going with 8GB and waiting for a full game to come out.
  4. 8gb for gaming is fine. 16gb is overkill for gaming but for editing is nice ;)
  5. This was the first link on Google for this question, so I'm gonna go zombie here.
    After much reading, and watching my own systems ram usage (currently have 8GB G.Skill), I can say that 12GB-16GB is definitely the way to go if money isn't an issue. I for one don't want to close every program that I have running to play a game (typically using 4-5GB at all times), that's just annoying. The upgrade that I'm working on now will definitely boast 12GB, if not 16GB.
  6. What are you possible using that takes up 4-5gb RAM. I have 10 internet tabs open, CPU temp software, iTunes, and watching youtube on my second monitor and I'm sitting at 1.9gb usage.

    When I game I rarely see the RAM usage go above 4-5gb regardless of game.
  7. I'm sitting on 3.1GB usage at the moment with Music app, 5 Google Chrome tabs, one word doc, 2 Steam tabs, HWMonitor and Bitdefender/MalwareBytes running in the background.

    When I play Battlefield I see RAM usage hit the low-mid 7GBs (most RAM intensive game I have).
  8. MediaMonkey, Steam, Origin (like I said, I don't like closing things), Cyberfox with 10-20 tabs open (that's 1.2GB alone) , Explorer, Pandora, Everything, Skype, MS Word (for notes, etc.), Lightroom (nothing like Photoshop in terms of resources, this is typically around 180MB), plus all those background goodies, like AV (Comodo), etc.. I'm currently at 4.2GB of usage. If I play something like Dead Rising 3 or Skyrim modded-out without closing anything/most everything, I'm hitting 85-98% usage.
    And what I'm getting at is that I think it's a pain to have to close programs to play a game, shouldn't have to close everything on a PC... it doesn't make sense to do that imo.
  9. I would recommend 16 gb because you can turn off virtual memory page file and it makes everything look super quick and easy without running out of memory error like in call of duty advanced warfare
  10. 4gb per core/thread ideal system
    2gb per core/thread for good system
    1gb per core/thread bare minimum
  11. This is the system req. for upcoming "Dying Light". I would say more ram the better.

  12. It'll be interesting to see if/how ddr4 changes the amount of ram requirements for gaming.
  13. i know no game use so much RAM yet. but please explain about Cached Memory, because Wathdog and Far CRy4 using intensive cycle of cached memory.
  14. The only game I know of that will use more than 8GB RAM even if you cache RAM is Star Citizen, and that game is releasing next year. I am 99% sure Star Citizen will use 16GB RAM at higher than very low settings, but 8GB might be enough at extremely low settings. Regardless, i'm talking about a game that isn't even out yet unless you count pre-alpha. All of the other games have no problem with 8GB RAM if you have a RAM cache.
  15. I can run Star citizen on 8gb RAM at high/ ultra settings. 16gb RAM certainly will not be required.
  16. The pre alpha is only in smallish areas. Star Citizen on full launch will have massive areas kilometres long which will require keeping a lot of assets in RAM with tons of effects and stuff.
  17. So a lot of people are talking about how 8GB of RAM is enough. Yet I'm running every major game and 8GB is barely enough. GTA 5 already sucks up 6GB of ram + your OS will be close to 90% of 8GB. You're going to see performance hits. And that's with graphics settings at absolutely lowest (normal in the game settings).

    Games like Heroes of the Storm, Dota 2, BF4, basically any major game is going to suck up that sweet RAM easily. 8GB sees issues on those games already at high settings. All those textures take up memory. All those pre-loaded maps take up memory. They don't allow you to manage that shit either so its a done deal in the RAM allocation space.

    Its 2015. These games are getting bigger. Dragon Age Inquisition, Witcher 3,.GTA 5, Star Citizen, all these games with maxed settings will eat your ram. You're better of with 12GB. 16 GB might be overkill but at least it'll cover the next 2-4 years maybe. RAM is cheap these days. Might as well get a little more than enough so you don't have to worry about it as your choke point for performance.

    Everyone else here saying 8GB is enough, yeah its enough if you're avoiding higher quality settings on a PC or smoothest performance without stuttering for a lot of games. I have to say though, Dying Light was way better optimized and 8GB does cut it. But then again they generate far less assets per distance of your character, or preload much less. It still had pop ins though. But the area was much smaller.
  18. Uh 8GB is enough for every single game. No game uses up more than 8GB by itself (including reserved OS RAM).
  19. I have 8GB of RAM in my desktop right now, and I have been running my system with 8 GB of RAM for the last couple of years, but I have recently started running into warning messages about my system being low on RAM while playing Cities Skylines. Steam and Cities Skylines are the only two apps I have open, and I still get this messages.

    I don't think 8 GB is enough anymore. It use to be, but not anymore. I make a lot of tweaks to my system to minimize RAM useage, but I also turn off virtual memory so that I can get better performance. I'm going to be upgrading to 16 GB soon. The games that are on the horizon to be released are going to need more and more RAM.

    RAM is cheap enough these days anyways. You can get 16 GB DDR3 2400 for $120. Not exactly breaking the bank anymore.
  20. Wish it was that cheap in Australia. 8GB alone is $100.
  21. Iv have been doing computers for 16 years gameing and what I have found at this point if money is not a factor get 16 gig I like to run a game sever and play other games at the same time and have team speak and a bunch other crap running and the 8 gig that I had in my system was all most topped out......
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