Help with new graphics card please help !

I just bought a Asus Geforce GTX 750 and am trying to install it on my custom computer someone build for me. I followed the instructions on from in the box but cant get to where I install the driver. it goes to the start menu where u choose BIO settings, updates, or Boot menu. When it gets to that I can not press any thing to make it go to one of them. Then after a minute or to then goes to a black screen with a typing line in the top left hand corner that just blinks?? What can I do to fix this.
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  1. are you trying to do this in the BIOS or when you are running the operating system?
  2. installing driver from bios . . . ???
  3. I was trying to install the driver but it doesn't go past the bios page when u start up the PC it just sits there then goes to a black with a blinking typing line and just stays there
  4. so there is some problem installing the card . reset bios settings then try to start
  5. I reset the bios but it is still doing the same thing ?
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    so contact for card replacement . . or first check this card on another system
  7. So most likely it's a faulty card?
  8. maybe yes . . cause it its not getting you through to windows . . or maybe board is not accepting this for some internal issues . . that's why ask you to check it on another system if possible
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