I have my own desktop computer in my apt. I just found that this whole apt. bldg is connected to WIFI.I currently am paying fo

I want to connect my computer (in my own apartment) to the WIFI system in this building. I don't know how to do it. The office manager has no problem with me using the WIFI because as far as she knows it if connected through the entire building. My computer is a desktop, not a laptop.

Can you help me ?
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  1. you can buy a wireless adapter for your desktop so that you can connect it to your desktop and start using your appt.wifi connection...
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    you will need to get either an internal wireless network card or wireless usb adapter and both should have instructions and disk. if you are not comfortable opening the case go with usb, depending on your system it can be plugged in and up and running in about 3 minute or so. as for the encryption key you would have to ask the building manager or office what that is.
  3. also when you get the adapter, check with building and see if you can find out if it wireless G or wireless N.
    wireless N is faster and goes farther distance than G.

    The prices of the adapters in today's market is pretty close anyways and a wireless N adapter can access wireless G but not a G adapter connecting to a N signal. you should be able to get one from bestbuy, walmart, radioshack maybe and more....just read the instructions first. Some want the disk and drivers installed first and some say install adapter then run disk.
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