"Motherboard is not UEFI supported"

I have Asrock z77 Pro 3 and I tried installing Ubuntu and there is a lot of work installing it.
One of the reason cited was the UEFI integration and fastboot option with Windows 8 (Which I have) making it difficult for Ubuntu to install itself.
Therefore, I checked with the vendor website..I have something known as a UEFI browser(Which is my BIOS replacement). Does this mean I have UEFI working in mine?
Coz I downloaded the Asus(Yep, not asrock) tool for my GPU(My gpu is asus) and it shows "This motherboard is not UEFI supported".
I am really kinda confused at this point.
The Asrock website has a restart to UEFI tool in their set of tools downloadable. Does this mean I can have UEFI in mine?
(And if I don't have it already why all the difficulty in installing Ubuntu)??

The site:
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  1. Make sure Secure Boot is disabled in the BIOS first.
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