System not booting after RAM upgrade

Hello, I recently upgraded the RAM in one of my laptops I use as a server. It is an HP 2000 329WM notebook that came with 1 x 2GB chip and 1 x 1GB chip. I bought an 8GB kit (2 x 4GB) from Komputerbay on Amazon and after installing the RAM, the computer turns on but no loading screens or even the indication of what button to push for bios come up. I have tried each chip alone and neither make the laptop boot, no matter which slot they are in. I put one in with the old 2GB chip and saw in bios that there was 6GB listed in RAM but in my linux OS it only showed the 2GB card. I know they both work because I tested them in a different laptop which booted right up.

Any thoughts?
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  1. That laptop model can definitely work with 8GB RAM total, and since the modules work okay in a different laptop, it seems most likely that the modules you bought are not compatible with your laptop model.
  2. What do you recommend then? Do you know why they aren't compatible?
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    Some computers are just fussy about the RAM modules they will accept - it could even be some small incompatibility that isn't even shown in the RAM specifications that you've bought. I bought some RAM from that was guaranteed to work on my system after i used the crucial system scanner, well it wasn't compatible so I returned it.

    So I bought some RAM from a different vendor (same spec but different brand) and it worked fine. So it seems even the brand can make a difference.
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