My 2004 Need For Speed Most Wanted does not work with my Windows 7 64 Bit P.C!

I recently bought the Need For Speed Collector's Series and NFS underground 1 and 2 installed just fine, however when I put the disc for NFS Most Wanted in, I can not install it! I download drivers from that time and installed the DirectX 9 that is in a folder on the disc but yet I yield no results. If I put the disc in the Auto-Run app starts up but when I click on install it says 'Insert disc into D:' which is my optical drive therefore my disc is in but for some reason it acts as if it is not. Also if I run speed.exe it starts up then immediately crashes this might be due to it not being installed but I can not install it! Please help!
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  1. change compatibility to xp sp3 and tick run as administrator.
    I would suggest changing the resolution to lowest setting, at least to start NFS MW
  2. the above is all you can try.

    some windows xp games simply don't work on 7 and it sucks.
  3. Hi MrDylanPlays ,
    I am running windows 7 64bit and have most wanted , havn't played it in ages so thought i would install it for fun and to
    see if i have same issue, mine works fine installs no probs
    Try copying the contents of the disc to your desktop and see if you can install from there

    This game will install and run on windows 7 without changing compatability , i was just playing it and it all works fine
  4. If I use Auto-Run it says insert disc into D: Drive which is my Optical Drive, therefore the disc is in but when I click to install it it acts as if it is not in
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  6. There was conflict between NFS Underground 1 and NFS Most Wanted so I had to uninstall NFS Underground and install Most Wanted, however they have a conflict between each other which causes trouble. ie: If I have NFS MW installed and I want to play NFS Underground 1, I have to uninstall NFS MW and install NFS Underground in order to play it
  7. way to go champ , sounds like you got there in the end
  8. Thanks for taking the time and trying to help me, I really appreciate it :)
  9. you're welcome glad to help
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