I need help on if I am able to upgrade my Hp Pavilon Desktop Computer

Hi everyone.
I have an AMD A6-5200 APU with Radeon(TM) HD Graphics 2.00 GHz
8.00 GB (Ram)
64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

I play a lot of league of legends and I rushed into buying a new computer thinking that this one would suit my gaming needs, but I was very wrong. I didn't know much about computers at the time, so basically I screwed myself for getting this computer and wasting money for this desktop.
So since I am stuck with this computer and it's pretty new, I am on here because I would like to know if there is a way to upgrade the graphics card, or upgrade anything in this system that would help improve the performance of the game. I care about improving the performance of this computer because when I play league of legends the performance is really lacking which is making me disappointed. Any feedback, ideas, or product recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
- I had an idea of also just taking everything out and basically customizing my own computer and using the desktop as a case, but I would like to find out what I can improve with it first before I get into all of that.
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  1. A10-7850K + cooler + hope for mantle support = possible solution???
  2. As Beezy said, A10 7850K + a cooler is your solution. But that depends on your motherboard. If you post your exact PC model, we could be more helpfull. Anyway, A10 7850K requires a lot of power. And it might be incompatible with your system. A10-6700 or A8-7600 will essentially double your performance, while being less power hungry.

    Legue of Legends will not get Mantle Support, because LoL has the Intel Extreme Masters tournament. Or at least that is how I think, but mantle support is highly unlikely.
  3. That's expensive lol. If I were to change the APU to an A10-7850k, would I then have to get a different graphics card?
    If I were to change it to say an Athlon or a GPU would that have an effect of my computer, like completely make it non functional?
    I'm still very new to understanding the components of a computer and how everything works together. God, I feel so dumb for asking,
    when you say cooler do you mean a fan? Also hope for mantle support I don't really understand what you mean by that.
  4. Oh my model number. Here it is 500-a60.
  5. i dont see any ports on the motherboard for adding a gpu...
  6. Messed*, never mind it won't show properly.
  7. So would an A10-7850k, A10-6700, or A8-7600 be compatible with my computer?

    is this it? there are no slots for a GPU. the a10-7850k would sit under that entire heatsink, the fan sits on top of the heatsink and sends hot air away from the heatsink and processor.
  9. Yea that is it. Oh okay I get you. When I took the fan off today, I just don't remember seeing any processor under it., so I just thought you couldn't put one in. So is my computer compatible with an A10-7850k? And if I did get it, would I then have to change my graphics card? Or do I even have one. Because from watching people customize their computer's I didn't see anything of that sort.
  10. Well from reading this is what it said "The motherboard supports the AMD Kabini A6-5200 APU only. The processor is not upgradable." So I guess I have my own answer.
  11. Best answer
    I wouldn't even be able to put the a10-7850k in their because, "Processor socket: None (processor is soldered to the motherboard) ."
  12. AvengeOne said:
    I wouldn't even be able to put the a10-7850k in their because, "Processor socket: None (processor is soldered to the motherboard) ."

    sorry for the bad news there man.
  13. So I guess I'm going to have to customize something myself.
  14. It's alright man. Thank you for attempting to help me. I really appreciate it. If you have any leads on where I should start to creating my on customized system, some input would be really appreciated.
  15. Your best bet would be to buy a completely new laptop, or build your own desktop PC. Seeing as everything is soldered, nothing is upgradable.
  16. well you have 1600 Mhz RAM on an APU which is slow for an APU. Replacing the RAM with 2133 Mhz sticks would help but it looks like it only supports up to pc3 12800 1600 mhz. so idk if that would work or not...
  17. Yes I know. I was thinking of just keeping some of the components that are in the computer, but just removing the motherboard with the processor and putting in new one's. Would save me a lot more money.
  18. Oh I see Beezy- Well if I took all of that out, what would be your recommendation for the best performance/affordable Ram, Processor, and mother board to put back in?
  19. To at least make league run at around 90-100 fps.
  20. Well, if the case supports standard ATX motherboards you could buy an FX 6300 + a GPU + M5A97 R2.0 motherboard + new PSU 500W min. This is really making the best of a bad situation, far from ideal clearly. Re use the case, the HDD, and the RAM. Im now realizing, you will need a new operating system too...
  21. After looking at the case and the mother board, it supports a very unique power supply that is connected to the mother board. So I'm thinking I will not be able to re use the case. I'm concluding this by saying, never buy an HP brand desktop, sure some might be good, but most of them, they purposely make them so you can't upgrade them in a way that you would like.
  22. yes, HP like all businesses need to maximize profit, so they know only 5% of people will want to upgrade, ever, so they dont even make it an option because that kind of overhead costs them money. (aside from an HDD swap for the occasional failed hdd)
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