Gaming on Linux 2 6 20 with no administrative privileges

So i have a computer in school that i wanna play games on but i cannot install anything not even update firefox i know the only way is to install wine and play but i cannot install nothing
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    So i have a computer in school

    No, the school has a computer they allow you to use. You're out of luck on this one.
  2. can you access bios?

    if yes, make a live usb
    if no, sorry, outta luck there
  3. Why don't you just explain the situation to the computer's owner. They will either make changes so that you can do it or else tell you that school computers are not for game playing. In the latter case you should respect their wishes (and avoid getting yourself expelled).
  4. thanks for the idea making a bootable usb drive but i have no idea if i can acess the bios have to test later
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