Core i7 4820K Multiplier for Turbo Boost, What is considered to be safe everyday O.C.?

Hi guys,

I finally got my 4820K in the mail today upgrade from an 3820, I wanted it because I was unsuccessful O.C. BCLK I was lucky.. I brought it from AMAZON and only ended up paying $339 AU $
Considering I sold my 3820 on ebay for 280, not a bad deal.

Sys Configuration:
MSI X79A-GD45 8D
2133 Gskill RipJAWX
PowerColour PCS+ 290 4GDDR5
EK Water Cooling Kit.
39" SEIKI PRO 3840x2160 TV as a monitor.
Coolermaster 650 GX PSU
LG Bluray Writer
2TB seagate 7200.

So I tried to overclock today and it laughed at me :(

It seems to just want to Run at max stock speeds.. then Bclk went to 97mhz... lowering overall CPU to 3577MHZ anyways all sorted now :)

After updating bios and playing with settings, it took me hours to get turbo Boost working and clocking higher than stock, I finally got it running nice, I'm Happy at the moment
I am sure it was the MAIN Multiplier and the C-State Settings..

at the moment all the advanced stuff is set of AUTO. (Voltages power management etc)

Ive set my memory to XMS. running at 2133MHZ
I got MAIN multiplyer set to AUTO
in Turbo Boost Settings, I got
1core 44x
2core 43x
3core 42x
4core 41x

Short duration 250W
Long duration 250W
Turbo BOOST 250W

Now I ask the turbo boost multipliers. would I be okay to push them higher for everyday use?
ie, I do work on single threaded apps commonly
1-2 core programs.. so it's important to have high clock speed here.
3-4core threaded apps are not so important.. IE VIDEO EDITING, Some games use 4 cores.. so lower clocks are ok in my eyes

If I can have this processor running at 5 GHZ for single threaded apps, that's my dream.. but I don't want to harm my system. and I want it to stay reasonably efficient.. keeping the watts down when not in use is also my goal. As my system is Solar Powered.

A few questions if want to quickly answer otherwise I will google it all later tonight.
(P States/C States) Whats the Difference?
I want to know what settings control power.. IE.. idle to LOADED
incase I get crashes during these events..

Thanks for reading my loooooong a$$ed message.. I am eager to see what the experts got to say.

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    I wouldnt bother adjusting the BCLK much. Just try raiding the multi and running IBT, see if its stable (watch temps), if its not stable, add some voltage.
  2. yup, i would go with robcrezz's advice
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