Minimum internet speed for good online gaming experience

What is the minimum speed,for a good online gaming experience.
Im playing Battlefield/titanfall/cod ,and i will be playing elder scrolls online too.
So anyone knows whats the minimum,download and upload and ping is for a good experience?? without lag etc.

The reason i ask,is because,i will be moving soon.
Right now i have 14 mbit,it Works fine
But im pretty sure i can end up having between 1-5 mbit
and i tried 1 mbit before and it was unplayable

Also im talking about wired speeds,not Wireless

Any input would be much appreciated

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    2.5Mpbs should be enough to play the game itself, might run into some issues if you are also listen to music (example: on youtube) or talking on skype, as that could draw bandwidth the game would need.

    For upload, 1Mpbs should also be enough for the game alone. Same things as mentioned above.

    Ping, you generally want a ping to be under 100, then it should more or less be playable.
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