Warning CPU Temperature 65C degrees centigrade?

I was playing World of Warcraft yesterday for about 40 mins and I got this message appear on my screen. So I opened up HWmonitor and it shows my CPU temperature is only in the 40C's but my CPUcore or the socket is in the high 60C's. How can I lower the temperature of the core? My actual CPU seems to be fine it's just the socket but I haven't a clue on how to cool that /=
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    Socket temperature will always run hotter than your CPU, if it doesn't change when the CPU isn't under load it is most likely a stuck sensor.

    Remember that the heat sink is attached to your CPU not the socket so any cooling for the socket will have to transfer through your CPU or any air flow that is passing the underside of you motherboard. As long as you're core temps are stable I would go by them.
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