Half-Life 2: Episode 2 Crash

Hello, I recently purchased HL2:E2 from Steam.

I proceeded to load up the game as it had finished downloading, watched the intro cut scene
and started the first chapter.
I (as would anyone else) made my down the linear path through the wrecked train.
As I came to the submerged second carriage, I noticed several broken textures (you know, that familiar pink and black). At that point I felt something was amiss, but I continued along.
After Alyx rounded the corner, said her piece of dialogue and picked up the Zero-Point Energy Manipulator (Sorry but I had to!), when she was about to fire the game crashed.

I really need help because I've been waiting along time to play!

Thank you, TastyHams
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  1. Post your detailed systems specs, with brands and model numbers, not just "intel cpu" or " 4gb ram"
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