when i use samsung kies on my laptop my internet connection goes to limited access so i cant transfer my pics.

help please when i use samsung kies on my laptop my internet connection keeps going to limited access,have tried re installing.i cant transfer any pics.
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  1. If you just want to transfer pics, connect through USB, switch to mass storage and copy them from your phone memory to your PC. Pics would reside in DCIM folder.
  2. ANSWER: My friend, I had the same situation, it would come and go, did tons and tons of searching and...thank God I found my problem after all the ip4, ip6, all kinds of starting and stopping things ect. After a fresh install of Windows 7 last night and the system was flying like it should, yeahh at 56mbps...it stopped again!!! "No Internet Connection" You got to be kidding me, this thing is fresh..I started rolling back different drivers that I had started loading and then it was back, hmmm. I started re-loading them and checking and when I got to the "USB 3.0" controller....there it was!!! When ever I would plug something into it, an external drive, flash drive or God forbid my "Wireless" adapter, dead in the water again!! What....after all the searching, I never heard a word about this, you got to be kidding me. I did a little searching on it and oh yeah....they know;) I actually found a bulletin from "INTEL" stating that the 2.4ghz wireless adapters could have a problem functioning since the USB 3.0 unit produces a "NOISE" or even a frequency that interferes with these things!!! You got to be kidding me, oh yeah!! I even found an HP post on it but...really not much more then that at all!! SILENCE...ridiculous, they need to fix their hot 3.0 USB flash in the pan system. I just purchased a 4 port one and am waiting on a "card reader" with another 4 ports!! Oh my goodness, what a waste. They seem to stop broadcasting after a minute or two of pulling the connection but that kills surfing while trying to do anything with the port. I couldn't believe it but thank God I found it. Please pass this on and sure hope it helps you...now that is easy;) Here's the INTEL bulletin link to see for yourself. God bless, Ben. Link:http://www.usb.org/developers/whitepapers/327216.pdf
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