Turbo Boost I7-4702MQ

Hi,Im wondering how to enable the turbo boost on a Turbo Boost I7-4702MQ CPU,Can anyone help?

It says i can turbo boost up to 3.2ghz
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  1. Turbo Boost should be on by default. You can enable or disable it in BIOS.
  2. As was mentioned by Sakkura, Turbo Boost is enabled by default. Turbo Boost dynamically changes the clock speeds of the CPU cores depending on the demand on the CPU. There are several programs out there that let you see these changes in real-time.
  3. So when im playing a game it should boost it up?
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    Most modern games do stress the CPU so I would say yes. Also, things like rendering, encoding, compressing and decompressing push the CPU to work hard which would activate the Turbo Boost feature.
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