Win7 says to plug into a USB2.0 port when already is

I had issues a month or so ago, posted here but was never resolved.

Basically, large files being transferred to USB had the tendency to start fast, then drop down to almost nothing for speed, and sometimes would get the 'device disconnected' error. Same issues as the 2GB tranfer issue for nVidia chipsets, but I have Intel so the update fix from Microsoft didn't apply.

So, figured it was the chipset driver I downloaded from Intel, never had the issue before on my system so figured just installed wonky or something, in any case, I decided to format my computer and run Windows Update, and just use the drivers it downloaded instead.

Upside... when transferring it doesn't tell me it'll be 30min for a 2mb file anymore.

Downside... ever so often I get a message pop up saying it'll perform faster if plugged into a USB2.0 port and lists available ports. Lists way more than my system has, and none seem occupied by anything, mouse/keybopard/scanner/printer... and it's not every time, more like 1in5.

Happens on my onboard USB ports (Asus P5Q-e) and as well, I have a 4-port PCIe USB card and I've had it happen with that as well with USB sticks (I have a cable running to my desktop).

Aside from turning the notifications off... any ideas why the message pops up? Both sets of ports are USB2.0, device manager shows everything working fine... but speed does seem slow. 7MB/s on average. Before, it would peak around 40MB/s then drop to 0.2MB/s or fail.
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  1. If correct driver for USB 2.0 has been installed, you should see Enhanced Host Controller in Device Manager.
    If you don't see the word "Enhanced", the ports will only operate at USB 1.0 speed.
  2. Under the USB Controllers, there is a long list... USB Root Hub, Mass Storage Device etc... there is a group of 8, which I think would be the onboard ones, all start "Intel(R) ICH10 Family USB Enhanced Host Controller" and then end with 3A3A, 3A3C, 3A34, etc...

    I grabbed the Intel Chipset Driver, this time from the ASUS site not Intel, in case the newer ones had problems with my board... installed that... very quick install, seemed to only install 2 items, I saw two of the 3Axx numbers fly by very quick and it was done.

    Rebooted, tried again. Lucky to get 7MB/s... still better than the problem I was having a month ago. Didn't get the message about using a USB2.0 port yet, but as mentioned it seems to be a random thing that pops up.
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