how to erase everything on a windows 7 acer aspire laptop

Well my laptop I just got goes slow sometimes and I got it from a pawnshop and I want to delete everything but I dnt know how to and its saying that I need to update my computer software and I wont let me so do you have any suggestions or answers for that to help me.
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  1. Is it connected to the internet?
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    The laptop most likley has a recover partition, you usually access it by pressing the right key combinatin at bootup and then you can select to restore computer to factory.

    If it does not have a recovery partition. You will need to get a windows 7 disk of the same version a what is on the coputer (Home premium, pro, etc) and the correct 32bit or 64bit. Then you can reinstall windows. You wil also need to download the drivers from Acer's website if you go this route.
  3. Yes it is
  4. While you will need an internet connection to activate windows it is irrelevant to your issue.

    Instructions on using the Acer recovery partition
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