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i bought new ati 6450 2gb ddr3 vga but games are very slow my computer spec
cor 2 duo e4500 2.2 3gb ram 8gb hard disk ide ddr2 mother board
intel 945p ex game nfs hot pursuit are vga recommended 256 mb but my vga is 2gb why games are slow plz help me plz
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  1. It's a Radeon HD 6450, of course games are going to run like shit. You put shit in, you get shit out.
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    the 6400 series is on the lower end of the spectrum. the recommended requirements is 4700 so get something in 5700 or 6700 to get a better result
  3. Your CPU blows donkey balls as well.
  4. Having 2gb of graphic ram doesn't necessarily equal to a high fps. 6450 is really a very low end graphic card NOT designed to run games, but for watching movies and such. Maybe you should consider an upgrade. Having a high amount of ram in a low end graphic card is like having a small engine in a big car.
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