4X 2GB 1333 RAM vs 2X 4GB 1600?

I'm a gamer and I like to play high end games. I presently have 2 X 2GB of 1333 RAM. If I were to just buy another 2 X 2GB at 1333 (like my current RAM is) so that I had 4 X 2GB sticks at 1333 would that be better than having 2 X 4GB sticks at 1600?
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  1. ram speeds don't make much of a difference it would make a little if you have an APU tho....if your on a budget go with the 2 X 2GB @ 1333 but if your not go with the 2 X 4GB sticks as it gives you room for upgradability if you have 4 RAM slots

    if you go with the 2 X 4GB stick you can use that along with the 2 X 2 GB stick you currently have allowing you to have 12GB of RAM which is pretty great
  2. Which RAM should I get then, at 1333? What brand? I'm no so familiar with RAM these days.
  3. I'd go the 2x4GB at 1600 if your CPU can run them, there's no guarantee a 2x4GB set at 1333 will play with your current sticks (you can always try when you get new sticks, would help to know mobo and CPU
  4. My motherboard is a M5A97 R2.0. My CPU is a Phenom II X2 565. I plan to get a AMD FX-8350 4GHz Socket AM3+ 8MB as I believe it's compatible with my current motherboard. Right?
  5. Yep, and with an 8350 could get 1866/9 in a 8GB set should be more than sufficient
  6. Tradesman1 said:
    Yep, and with an 8350 could get 1866/9 in a 8GB set should be more than sufficient

    From what I've read, I would hardly get much peformance increase in games between 1333 and 1866. For the $40 difference in price, is it really worth it? I read having more sticks of ram is sometimes better. Money is a problem so I'm looking for the best value for money here. I would have gotten 16GB of 2133 RAM once but the prices have gone too high these days so I'm going to have to settle for something much cheaper.
  7. Strictly in gaming, the 1866 is worth maybe 3-5 FPS, higher freq DRAM shines more in multi-tasking and memory intensive apps/tasks...and Yes, big thing is you need to stick within your budget...
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