How To Check Whether I Can Share A Broadband Connection Or not ?

I Have a Broadband Connection The ISP has Given Me A optical Fibre Cable And Now I Want TO Share The Connection Then How Should I get To Know Whether can i Give The Connection Through Router Or Not..... Some one told me that some node configuration is given to me by the ISP That Should Be Configured As Router To Share.............. How Should I Know Whether it Is Node Or Router Configured Or Else Can I directly Share The Connection?????
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  1. Unless your ISP has given you multiple IP addresses, you need a router.
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    You are making way more complicated then it needs to be.

    Who is your ISP first of all?
    Is your final connection to the internet a phone line, a coax cable line, or is it fiber?
    Did they give you modem that turns one of the mediums above into ethernet?

    If you have a modem then there is no reason you can not use a router to share the connection. Some connections (like DSL) require PPPOE so you will need to put username/password into the router.
  3. its a fibre and no modem is given to me....... so can i use a router to share a connection and will it be successful??
  4. I am amazed your ISP did not provide you with a modem/media converter. You might call and ask them, they might rent them. Who is your ISP by the way?

    You can not plug the fiber directly into a router (at least not a home version, business versions can but cost $2000+).
    You need what is called a fiber media converter which will convert your fiber to an ethernet wire, and you can then run the ethernet from the media converter to your WAN port on the router. Most likely it is an SC connector but verify with pictures or your ISP first, you will also need to find out if it is single-mode or multi-mode fiber.

    If your ISP does not provide them at all you can buy them places like newegg. A up to 100mpbs converter is only $50-60 but if your connection is faster then 100mbps then you will need to buy the gigabit (1000mbps) one that is in the $100-120 range
  5. See My isp Is GTTPL And You Can Search About it on internet...... but now the problem i am facing is that i have put the wire in the router and then i have i connected one port to my PC Having XP Configuration and it works and i am able to access the internet after creating a connection and putting my username and password ....... but then i have given a connection through a wire to my friend and he has windows 7 In his PC When i repeated the same steps of creating a connections and putting in the username and password in his PC . It Stops In Between At The Stage Of Verifying username And Password and gives error 691........ How To Overcome This ????
  6. Have you tried accessing your router configuration page and putting your login/passwrod there.

    You will need to change your connection type from "Auto DHCP" to "PPPOE". Then you can imput your login credentials into the router and it should work
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