Asus Crosshair V Formula Z CPU Fan Error

Hi guys,

I need help. Just built first gaming PC and all's good except every single time I turn my computer on this shows up after some beeping sounds:

I go into the BIOS and then Optimized Defaults and Save and Reset and then all's fine. Until next time I turn computer on again and I have to go through same process again.

Would appreciate some help as I don't really want to play around in the BIOS because I don't know much about all of this ^_^"

Thanks in advance!
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    It could be either your CPU fan not working properly, not plugged in properly to the board or your board's CPU fan header is faulty.

    I had the same problem before with my Crosshair V Formula Z. It turns out that my CPU fan header is faulty. RMAed the board and problem solved. I suggest you do the same.
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