What OS Does This Mother-Board Support?

Hey guys! I'm getting a new Mother-Board and I was curious in knowing what OS does this MOBO support?:

It is unfortunate that it is not listed on the box or page.

Thanks in advance!

- Antonio
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  1. doesn't matter which configuration you have . . OS is free of this . just issue is processor and ram speed and nothing else
  2. google the make and model, goto the manufacturer website, check for the drivers support to see which OS it have drivers for.
  3. Go to support site, and check what drivers are available for download - these will be "supported OS"
  4. The website for MSI states Win XP 32 bit/64 bit to Windows 8.1 32 bit/64 bit. Vista is not listed.

    As for any other o/s (s) you may or may not have problems with drivers. 64
  5. Thank you everyone! I was just making sure because I have Windows 7 and 8! thanks a bunch!

    - Antonio
  6. cheers . .
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    BTW, it is usually easiest to install Windows 7 first and then Windows 8.X. You may run into issues if you do Windows 8 first.
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