Triple monitor configuration not working on Windows 8 (Dual HDMI issue)

I have a Zotac GTX560 Multiview which claims to support 3 independent displays.

I had one DVI and one HDMI monitor and today I added another HDMI monitor.

When I turn on the third monitor Windows 8 won't create a third display, instead it will join both HDMI displays into one, but that's not what I wanted, I would like them to be independent.

I checked the GeForce control panel and it sees the 2 monitors together as well so I don't know here if the video card doesn't do the job or if there is a trick to get it working.

Any help is much appreciated.

Windows Screenshot:

Video Card link:
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  1. And the Zotac Website says: "(Triple-display only capable with one DVI or DP and dual HDMI displays)"
  2. noidea_77 said:
    And the Zotac Website says: "(Triple-display only capable with one DVI or DP and dual HDMI displays)"

    So the "dual HDMI" in this case means that they are stuck together? That sucks cause on the box it said "independent" when I bought it.
  3. Hmm, from reading the wording on the product page, I can't tell if it means you can connect both a DVI and DP to two different monitors or only 1 monitor at a time. I know on my GTX 760, you can use any 3 monitors on any 3 ports at a time.

    Possible options?
    * Get a DP to DVI or HDMI cable and see if it lets you control 3 monitors independently then (using DVI, DP, and HDMI).
    (Although, this might not work based on the wording on the product page.)
    * Get a different video card that support 3 monitors on any 3 inputs. (easiest solution if you just bought it??)
    * Use HDMI for two monitors that use the same vertical height. So, if you have two 1080p monitor, share them both on the shared HDMI.
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    Hmm, reread the wording on the product page, and I'm pretty sure the only way to get 3 displays is through the "fake" shared HDMI. So using displayport probably won't help.

    So, the only option would be the last two suggestions, I guess.
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