sapphire-amd-ati-hd-6670-2-gb-ddr3 is a good choice?

I want to play latest games ac 3,black flag or others with medium-low textures on a resolution of 1600x900.
I've pentium g2010 2.8 ghz dual core+4gb ram+nvidia asus geforce 210
is sapphire-amd-ati-hd-6670-2-gb-ddr3 good for replace the nvidia!
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  1. I'd assume so.
  2. Well I suppose it's an upgrade over the gt 210, but it is still very dated and not a very good performer. Look at a GDDR5 graphics card instead.
  3. Gddr5 supports same motherboard which gddr3 do?
    My procc is fine?
    I'm on low budget so i'm only able to upgrade my gpu!
  4. Sachin Joshi said:

    The 7750 is better, but not amazing.
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    hey, hd 6670 gddr5 is the best choice for u.... always go with ddr5 it is twice faster than ddr3 vram memory....

    DDR3 is the RAM that your motherboard supports, GDDR5 is the VRAM that comes on the graphics card it doesn't use your ram slot so gddr5 will work fine on you pc ( even in ddr2 motherboard it work fine...)...

    and dont go with 2gb memory because it cost u high and not worth... if have resolution 1366*768 i would suggest u to get 512 mb graphics card.... if your resolution is greater than JUST go with 1GB....

    make sure that u have enough power supply, and pci-experss slot in your pc....
  6. Nfsrazor!
    I've placed an order for sapphire r7 250 1gb ddr5 with boost!
    Is it enough for 1600x900?
    I want to play ac black flag how far this gpu support?
    I've pentium g2010 dual core 2.8 ghz and 4 gb ram!
  7. Yes Sachin it enough to play ac3,ac4 etc on medium settings.
  8. Thanks!
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