AMD FX 8320 core temps a bit too high ?

Hey guys !
I wanted a good price rig for Dark Souls II in April, and also a good cpu to multitasking and to do my work on Premiere Pro, Photoshop etc.

So I wanted to keep my mobo since I didn't have enough money to do a complete new rig.

Here's my rig actually :

AMD FX 8320 Vishera 3.5 GHZ (I don't want to OC it)
Asus M5A88-M Evo (Bios 1803)
MSI Afterburner Radeon 7770 1GB DDR5
Cooler Master Hyper TX3

So before I start, I bought the TX3 because my case isn't big enough to put a backplate under the mobo. But I thought it was good enough to cool down my CPU.
I was playing CS:GO with friends (so Teamspeak makes my cpu work...), and I monitored my core temps with HWMonitor. The max core temp was about 60 °C ! I saw on the Internet that it better not to be above 62 °C.

Here's my core temps completely :

Idle : 18/25 °C
With teamspeak on : 30 °C
On internet or watching a video online : +/- 35 °C
Playing CS:GO (Source Engine) : 50° C, max 60 °C

My socket temps also vary between 35 °C Idle and 64 °C on load.

Also, my ambient temp isn't cool enough, since I'm in a room under the roof, the roof keeps the warmth and there's isnt enough air.

I changed the cooler since the one from AMD was too loud (about 5800 RPM) and I wanted something to keep my cpu cool and quiet.

The CPU is new (bought it monday), so I'm a bit scared when I see these temps... :(
Any idea ?

I forgot to say that I'm using the thermal paste that comes with the cooler, I don't think I put too much paste though...
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  1. that cooler is kinda shit, should get either a hyper 212 30$ or get a nh-12 65$ or nh-14s 70$ or do what i did and fork out 80$ for the NH-14d
  2. Yes, I know, I wanted to buy a Hyper 212, but I don't have enough space to put a backplate... :(
    And since I don't have enough money and space to buy a new case, I don't know how I can deal with that...
    So for now on, i'm leaving my case opened with a fan blowing some fresh air.
  3. what i would do then is take your motherboard out take the back panel off your case and cut a square hole when you chip set is and mount stuff or get a corsair h60
  4. Best answer
    Those temps are still a bit high, but safe regardless. (The backplate on the EVO simply replaces the stock one, it should fit regardless)
  5. Nice, I thought the backplate was really thick... Although, my case doesn't have an open side to access the backplate easily, so I would need to unmount the mobo.
    Mh, I need to see with the shop if I can replace my TX3 to an EVO 212 then. Thanks guys !
  6. Yeah you can do that, though not recommended the H60 can fit better if backplates are an issue (It uses stock)
  7. Nice, it seems affordable for a water cooling system !
    I think I'll wait a little with the TX3 before buying a new cooler, too much money thrown with the graphic cards and cpu.
    Thanks for the help guys, you're great ! :)
  8. Just a heads up, the H60 performs worse than the EVO. The EVO is about on par with the H80/80i
  9. Mh, nice to hear about that. Which one could you recommend ?
  10. Evo is cheaper by 25-30$ and about the same performance the H60 is more but is super easy to install in your case
  11. If you can fit it, EVO, if not, H80i for those temps (or H100i)
  12. Thanks guys, i'll look into the EVO 212 ! :)
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