Upgrading graphics card on a Samsung laptop and/or improving graphics?

Can I upgrade the Radeon HD 6490M series "graphics card" (with only 512 MB versus 1 GB on the Radeon HD 6750M) on a Samsung NP700Z5B-S01UB laptop? Or can I run an axiliary graphics card? I am not certain if I have an external PCI slot for running an auxilary graphics card or if I can rig up a connection? I wish I at least had the slightly better Radeon HD 6750M. Would the Radeon HD 6750M or something better be able to fit in the laptop?
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    Upgrading a laptop GPU is pretty much not able to be done. It is soldered in and is a part of the motherboard. On a laptop the only things you can really upgrade is the RAM, hard drive or optical drive. Sorry. :(

    Read this. It will explain in detail:,d.dmQ
  2. Wait a second.....LOL I just saw the part about running axillary. If you don't mind the external GPU (most find it to be "clutter", but if you don't mind it doesn't matter what others think! :D )

    Here is a video about doing that:,d.dmQ
  3. I don't think that you can update the graphics. I believe that is installed onto the motherboard.
  4. Thanks for the quick response. I will likely run the auxiliary until I can either build a desktop gaming machine or afford to buy one.
  5. Henrys_Dreaming said:
    Thanks for the quick response. I will likely run the auxiliary until I can either build a desktop gaming machine or afford to buy one.

    That's the one huge drawback to a laptop. While they are very convenient, you have to sacrifice to option to easily upgrade the unit. With desktops, you can go out and get something that will just get you by for the time being and then upgrade with relative ease as your cash flow builds up. With a laptop, you have to get exactly what you want on the first round or you won't get it at all. That is why I have a laptop and desktop both. My desktop is, to most people anyway, a beast. My laptop.....not so much. LOL I actually use the laptop more because I spend a lot of time hanging out here in Tom's (WAY too much time. If you don't believe me just ask my wife). Laptops are good for general use. My desktop is there when I need some computing muscle.

    The great thing about building a desktop is that you can do exactly what I did. You can buy components as you can afford them. It took me between 3 and 4 months to complete my desktop. I would save, buy a component and sit it aside, start saving for another component, buy it, so on and so forth. And eventually you have a computer that will blow your drawers off! LOL

    If you would like some help in designing a good desktop computer, just let me know. I'l be more than glad to help you decide on a parts list. I also enclosed a link down below this that will help guide you in your decisions as to which components are right for you.
    Building a PC for your budget and level of gaming complete w/assembly step by step
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