Overclocking my Sapphire hd 7870 xt doesn't show much improvment

Hi i am kinda still new at overclocking gpus I have done quite alot of research from forums an youtube an have abit of understanding in overclocking, on stock clock speed for my gpu hd 7870 xt my core clock is 975hz an my memory clock is 1500 i did unigine valley extreme hd benchmark an got around 1440 score with 34.4 fps then i did an overclock with core clock of 1150hz an memory clock at 1550hz an i adjusted my power limiter to +12 an got abit of a better score at 38.7 fps an 1550 for score im using MSI afterburner for o.c my cpu is also o.c at 4.5 ghz an i wanna know why my gpu overclock has such low improvments? Is this normal getting 4 frames increase in performance also my gpu runs around 82-84 degrees with o.c
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    38.7 FPS is 12.5% more than 34.4 FPS. You increased core clocks by 17.9% and memory clocks by 3.3%. You're getting a very respectable performance gain out of the overclock.
  2. Thanks for the reply Sakkura i wasnt sure i thought o.c would be a huge increase in fps but i looked around an my score is around the same range with theirs in the overclocking scores ;)
  3. Overclocking graphics cards was never something to make a huge difference. 10-20% sure, but not 50%. CPU overclocking used to be a big deal, some CPUs could easily overclock by 50% or more. That's not the case any more. All that overclocking headroom is just wasted potential for the manufacturers.
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