New graphics card wont work - what did I do wrong?

So today I bought a Gigabyte R9 290 (GV-R929OC-4GD-GA) graphics card to replace my old one (Radeon HD 6850). After uninstalling the driver and the Catalyst Control Center in turned off my PC and installed the R9 290. When I then turned my PC back on I wouldnt get a picture on my monitor. I could then only turn my PC back off by unpluging the power cable (pressing the power button on the PC would not work).
After a couple of unsuccesful tries I reinstalled my old graphics card. I then still got the same problem as with the new one.
I dont have a way of connecting the monitor directly to the motherboard (GA-870A-USB3).
So im really not sure what to do next. The motherboard should be compatible (although only just) with the R9 290.
It would be greatly appreciated if someone could help me figure out whats wrong. It really sucks not having a working PC after finally buying a new graphics card :-)
Im not exactly sure about the processor im using.
I have 1000W of power supply.
Thank you
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    Triple check all your connections. What power supply is it? Also try resetting the bios.

    Instead of pulling out the power cord from back, hold the power button in. Might take 15 seconds or so but its better for the PC than just yanking out the cord in back.
  2. So Im a little embarrassed to admit it but i forgot to reconnect one of the power connectors :-)

    Thanks for the answer
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