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I have a Gateway fx6800-01e with a 750gb sata hardrive & I want to know if a 120gb solid state drive is large enough to run win 7 & maybe I game such as need for speed rivals. I only install one game at-a-time.I want to use my original, the 750gb hardrive for storage & miscellaneous programs.
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  1. Depending on the size of the game, yes.

    Windows, with all the updates, etc...will maybe take up 30GB. Leaving ~70GB for other stuff.
    With a 120GB drive you don't want to go over 100GB or so actual used space.
  2. yeah, 120GB is enough. I'm running that now and it works for me. Make sure not to fill it all the way, though. It loses performance if it's filled up past 90%
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    Hi Mikey_07,
    Yes 120gb is more than enough ,
    Like USAFRet said windows will be lucky to take up 30gb of your 120gb
    I Personally have a 60gb ssd but have over 500gb worth of programs i use, there is nothing to say that you
    cant install all your programs that you would normally store in c/program files on another drive freeing up your ssd
    for your game/games you want to install , only leaving your operating system and stuff you want on your c drive
    Putting your games on your ssd will speed up how fast they load but will not make game performance any better ( Frames Per Second )
  4. On my 128GB Kingston SSD, I have Win8.1Pro, and ALL applications MS Office, Lightroom, Paintshop Pro, etc, etc, etc.
    Currently, about 50GB used. Leaving another 50GB for whatever if I needed it.
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