Looking to build the very best high end computer for prepar3d (flight simulator)

budget: ~1600$, without the videocard, screens and accesories, he have a gtx titan that he want to keep (unless you tell me another video card will make a big change)

Hi there, my friend asked me to build him a computer, hes ready to pay any price needed, I am decent at building computers, however I never built a high end expensive computer like this one and especially not built specifically for simulators,

He want to be able to run at maximum graphics on 3 screen, which he can already, but not at a constant 30fps, he says something is wrong with his computer and I have no idea what it could be, he says that some people run the game better than him and have worst computers. Could it be the setup ? A component that is malfunctioning ?

Do you guys have any idea what I should change ? What I should get ? What type of cooling system ? etc.

here is his current spec:


case: antec eleven hundred

Thanks for reading and sorry for my english
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  3. If you got the budget. Buy the best i7 on the market today, and graphics cards

    MEMORY since as far as i know , p3d and fsx are both 32 bit , so 6 gig will be more than enough 4 for the game 2 for the os as long as the os loads high and is 64 bit ?? Need clarification

    Dual channel memory so sticks in matched pairs

    Nvidia titan 2 of them in SLI.
    Cheapest titan i have seen is about 600 GBP
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